Stéphane von Gunten

Stéphane von Gunten

A New Chapter for Stéphane von Gunten

For the love of horological engineering, and carried by a watchmaking lineage spanning three generations – La Chaux-de-Fonds native and inventor Stéphane von Gunten announces the creation of his own brand,

Haute-Rive, named after his great-great-grandfather’s atelier, where exceptional timepieces came to be over a century ago. This new independent Swiss watch brand appears at the top of the watchmaking hierarchy.

After nearly twenty years at prestigious watchmaking Maisons, Stéphane
von Gunten decided to step away from the time constraints of big groups and enjoy total freedom of expression with the skills acquired on a journey that intimately prepared him for this new chapter.  

Honoris I by Haute-Rives Watches
Stéphane von Gunten

An Innovator Watchmaker

Stéphane von Gunten is not just a watch engineer. He’s also a visionary. His career in the industry has been one of concepts, inventions and creativity. If he chose independence, it’s because he sees creativity at the
heart of his work. To imagine. To push forward. He sees himself as a humble innovator, aware of the limits of his art yet committed to pushing them further.

With Haute-Rive, he enters a new – no doubt his most personal – period of expression in watchmaking. At his own pace, the newly independent watchmaking engineer sets out on his own path in the traditional, one-off design and production of timepieces that reflect his character and
life philosophy – to share, with that humility that is the hallmark of all passing down and gives rise to the most accomplished watchmaking.


The first slim and elegant timepiece with a 1,000-hour power reserve, setting a new world record for autonomy with a single winding barrel and a tourbillon.

Honoris I by Haute-Rive Watches

Stéphane von Gunten

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