Le Temps Long


The first slim and elegant timepiece with a 1,000-hour power reserve, setting a new world record for autonomy with a single winding barrel and a tourbillon.

Montre Honoris 1 par Haute-Rive Watches

A Family Brand

Why should mechanical watchmaking be constrained by tradition? Why not draw on it instead for inspiration in mechanics, aesthetics, comfort and performance? It is to find answers that Stéphane von Gunten founded Haute-Rive.

Honoris I by Haute-Rives Watches
Stéphane von Gunten

Stéphane von Gunten, A Vision Inspired by the Past

Stéphane is not just a watch engineer. He’s also a visionary. His career in the industry has been one of concepts, inventions and creativity. If he chose independence, it’s because he sees creativity at the heart of his work.

In the Footsteps of Irénée Aubry

The element of tradition is rooted in the cultural and family heritage of founder Stéphane von Gunten. He perpetuates the work of his ancestor Irénée Aubry, the 19th-century watchmaker and inventor, among others, of the 8-day pocket watch known as Hebdomas. Haute-Rive is a tribute to horological engineering, of course, but above all, it’s a tribute to family values, to what it means to be human, to sharing, in the spirit and service of Swiss watchmaking excellence, rooted first and foremost in wonderment and delight.

Ateliers Irénée Aubry

Stéphane von Gunten


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